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In 2016, a project was launched to stimulate the development of the aerospace industry in the Czech Republic. The testing infrastructure for aircraft engines was built by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU in 2016-2022 and is now successfully operated. This educational and research infrastructure enables the development of advanced industrial production in the field of aircraft engines in the Czech Republic and forms the basis for the education of professionals in this field.

Experts from CTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have managed to build a facility for the production of new generation turboprop and turbine engines with a significantly lower carbon footprint. The cooperation between CTU and GE Aviation has resulted in the creation of five test rooms where engine tests, digital simulations and analyses are carried out. The government's expectations have thus been fulfilled, as was stated several years ago.

As the project was not fully financed by the European Union, the Czech Republic co-financed the project from its own resources, in accordance with the financing plan contained in the government resolution of 2016. The refundable financial assistance was provided to Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 2016 for the purpose of pre-financing to accelerate the project solution necessary for the implementation of the agreement between the Czech Republic and GE on the introduction of turboprop engine production in the Czech Republic.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade continuously monitored the efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the spent funds throughout the project financing. These funds were managed as direct subsidy co-financing of the project.

As the project was successfully completed in 2022 and contributes to the development of the competitiveness of the Czech Republic, on 21 February 2024, the Government confirmed  that the funds spent by the Ministry of Industry and Trade represent direct co-financing of the project by the Czech Republic.

"We very much welcome and appreciate the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic because it has fulfilled the long-term strategic goal of the Czech Republic to build an industrial sector for the production of modern aircraft engines in the Czech Republic.  Thus, our Republic can offer investors opportunities in the field of development and testing of advanced aircraft engines, thus placing itself among a very elite group of several countries that are capable of doing so," said Vojtech Petráček, Rector of CTU.

Within the framework of this project, CTU implemented the construction of a unique research and educational infrastructure, without which the development of this industry would not be possible. Cooperation with several companies operating in this field is already being developed using the built infrastructure. The test infrastructure also serves to develop greener and more sustainable aircraft engines and fuels, thus contributing to a sustainable green economy.

CTU in Prague successfully completed the spectacular project with GE Aviation without any losses, thanks to the originally promised government coverage - which was only fulfilled by the current government. In addition to all the positive factors that the excellent execution of the project has brought, it is also necessary to add that this is a strategic component that will strengthen not only the Czech Republic at this time.

CTU has never had and does not have any obligation towards the Czech state or other providers. On the contrary, the state made a commitment at the very beginning to finance this socially important project from its own resources, and with this assurance Faculty of Mechanical Engineering decided to help the Czech Republic.

(Relevant government resolution - n. 125 day 21. 2. 2024 - HERE )

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