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Rector of CTU in Prague Vojtěch Petráček today signed a memorandum on cooperation between the two institutions with Police President Martin Vondrášek. The cooperation thus far has gained an official framework and definition of the areas on which the university and the police will focus.

The Memorandum is entitled "On mutual cooperation in the field of research, development, education and security". By signing the Memorandum, both parties declare their interest in deepening long-term cooperation in the scientific and research field and in supporting security research with a focus on the application of technology in the police environment.

Furthermore, we will also deepen cooperation in the field of higher education by involving police experts in consultations and lectures, in the framework of lifelong learning by involving experts from the university in the professional training of police officers and employees, as well as the possible involvement of police experts in the lifelong learning of university employees. Students of CTU will then get, for example, the possibility of professional internships with the Police of the Czech Republic.

"CTU has recently been intensively involved in the area of national defence, our joint activities with the Czech Army are already well known. However, ensuring the security that we all wish for, which includes, for example, focusing on the protection of soft targets, also requires a close connection between the University and the Police of the Czech Republic, which is why we agreed to sign the memorandum," said Vojtěch Petráček, Rector of CTU.

In addition to the protection of soft targets (of course, also in relation to the shooting at Faculty of Arts of Charles University at the end of last year), the cooperation between the university and the police will also cover institutional resilience, disinformation, cyber security, crime prevention and crisis management by involving experts from the police in the form of consultations and lectures. On the other hand, CTU is committed to stimulating the transfer of knowledge from the university's scientific research activities to police practice.

"I firmly believe that we will be able to provide practical results of our cooperation not only to other universities, but in general we will contribute to increased security within the country," said Rector Petráček.

Police President Martin Vondrášek said, "If you look at the fields of criminalistics technology and our National Centre for Information and Communication Technologies, you will find that there is no field of study that does not have an intersection with the faculties of CTU." He also thanked CTU for its collaboration on two successful projects to date, such as the protection of police bomb squad technicians.


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Kateřina Veselá