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Faculty of Information Technology of Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU FIT) in cooperation with the University of Antwerp is now offering a unique and selective Master's specialisation in Digital Business Engineering, which enables students to obtain two Master's degrees at the same time. The Master's specialisation focuses on the integration of information technology, business and economics knowledge in an international environment and emphasises digital business and innovation. It opens doors to international academic and business environments.

The new master's specialization in Digital Business Engineering, opened by CTU FIT for its students this year, is a unique opportunity to obtain two diplomas in one study. Students will be able to study at two prestigious universities at the same time, obtaining dual qualifications in both information technology and economics. This will broaden their academic knowledge and open doors to the international business environment.

"We are aware that nowadays IT is not only about programming, but it affects all sectors. The interconnection between IT and business is almost a daily occurrence all around us. That's why we have partnered with the prestigious University of Antwerp to create the Double Degree specialisation Digital Business Enginnerg. The aim is to offer our students an extension of their interdisciplinary knowledge, to open the door to an international environment and to give them a competitive edge on the job market," says Ing. Michal Valenta, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Software Engineering.

Graduates of this specialization will find employment in almost all areas of business, because a close connection to the effective use of digitalization and digital technologies is necessary for business success today everywhere. The specialisation is taught exclusively in English.

For those interested in the Master's degree and this Double degree programme, full information is available at the Open Doors Day on 9 February 2024 at 14:00. For a detailed programme of the event, please visit

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Ivana Macnarová