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Czech Technical University in Prague will strengthen the development of quantum computing skills of students and train new quantum computer experts. This will enable the university to connect to IBM's quantum computer network.

Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) is the first institution in the Czech Republic to join IBM's quantum computing network, with the aim of advancing quantum computing skills and research in the country. This happened during a meeting on Monday at the CTU's "Quantum Solutions for the Czech Republic - Leap into the 22nd Century".

As a member of IBM's quantum computing network, CTU will have cloud-based access to IBM's most advanced quantum computing systems, software, and quantum expertise to explore practical applications and exploit the wide range of benefits of this technology for companies and institutions and society at large in the Czech Republic.

"Quantum computing promises to bring the world a revolution similar to that brought about by the development of personal computers and the Internet. In spite of the constant evolution of today's computers, we see that this technology has its limits. Quantum computers are already proving that they can handle some calculations beyond the scope of classical computing," said Vojtěch Petráček, rector of Czech Technical University in Prague.

In addition to offering internships that will include access to IBM quantum computers via the cloud, the collaboration will also include research in quantum computing and quantum software in areas such as optimization, quantum machine learning, quantum engineering and quantum programming. The aim is to allow for pushing the limits in areas such as disease prevention, energy management, transport optimisation, agricultural product development and precision diagnostics.

"To be ready for the onset of these technological innovations, we will need a lot of experts who understand them. That is why we have joined IBM's quantum computer network to educate our students at CTU in quantum computing," said Rector Petráček.

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Kateřina Veselá