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The Czech division of the virtual aviation organization IVAO presents the twelfth edition of this regular event. As every year, virtual pilots and air traffic controllers gather under one roof to dedicate thirty hours to their hobby. However, this year's event brings something completely new. It will be held on campus for the first time, for which the organizers are grateful to Faculty of Transportation Sciences. This gesture is greatly appreciated by the virtual aviation community. Both parties believe that a public event such as this will popularise virtual aviation and increase interest in tertiary education focused on the aerospace industry.

"Thirty Hours is first and foremost an event full of experiences that will be remembered for a long time. The personal presence of those you often know only by voice gives the event a completely different dimension. For us, the event is not only a simulation of continuous air traffic according to a real flight schedule, but also a small celebration of friendship. Controllers take turns at their stations just as they do in real operation. Off duty, we can have a quiet face-to-face chat with our friends. After a year there is always something to talk about and the personal contact is irreplaceable. For the regular participants it is, so to speak, a matter of the heart," says Jindřich Šikl (22), Director of the Czech Division of IVAO.

"Members of the Czech division are also actively involved in research activities in the field of air traffic in cooperation with the Department of Air Transport at the CTU Faculty of Transportation Sciences," he adds.

The event will take place in the building of Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Horská 3, Prague 2. It kicks off on 17 November 2023 at 6.00 pm and will end on 18 November 2023 between 11.00 pm and 11.45 pm. Participation is open not only to fans of air traffic control, but also to those interested in this subject.

What is IVAO?

IVAO stands for International Virtual Aviation Organization. It is an international non-profit virtual aviation organization that brings together aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. This organization has a long history, as it was founded back in 1998. Since then, it has had essentially one goal: to provide a comprehensive platform for virtual aviation, including communications technology, air traffic control systems, and aircraft piloting. The biggest advantage of this platform? Keeping up with developments in aviation, and offering it all completely free of charge.

The IVAO's main objective is to achieve realism to the maximum extent possible. To make the situations that arise on the network have as realistic a scenario and course as possible. This idea is reflected in the network's motto: "As Real As It Gets."

"I think IVAO can proudly say that it boasts a global community with more than 250,000 registered members from all over the world. Among the members we find not only enthusiasts from purely virtual backgrounds, but also professionals who make their living in aviation. It is the sharing of experience and the opportunity to develop under the supervision of professionals that makes IVAO a major player in the virtual aviation community," said Jindřich Šikl, IVAO Division Director.

"Members from each state can set up their own division once the relevant conditions are met. The Czech division was established in 2000. Since then it has continuously created an environment in which its members can develop with the help of other members, the experienced divisional advisors and instructors. These instructors bring their own real-world experience and knowledge and share it with the rest of the community. As a result, both the students and their mentors move forward. Curiously, our division actively works with aviation organizations and flight schools across the country to promote and develop interest in aviation. We try to connect the virtual and real environments. Some people use the net to fulfil their dreams, for others it is a relaxation. The Czech division of IVAO has more than 2,200 registered users, which makes it one of the larger divisions within the whole IVAO," Šikl notes.

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Milan Kurka