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CTU Rector Vojtěch Petráček and the Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry (ALKP), represented by President Josef Kaspar and Board Member Jiří Protiva, signed an agreement on partnership cooperation shortly after noon on Friday, 10 November. With this act, both institutions confirmed their interest in strengthening cooperation in the field of research and development of aerospace technologies applicable in the civil and defence sector.

"Our university also cooperates with the Czech Army and NATO, offering the results of its research and implementation of the latest technologies in practice. The agreement on cooperation with the Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry is thus the next logical step," said Vojtěch Petráček, Rector of CTU.

In his speech, ALKP President Josef Kašpar emphasized that ALKP is the strongest industry association bringing together the main manufacturers and service providers in the aerospace industry in the Czech Republic. "We want to establish close cooperation with CTU in the field of applied research - to support the commercialization of the results of CTU's research and development and at the same time to strengthen the competitiveness of our companies," Mr. Kašpar said at the signing of the agreement.

Part of the Association's team responsible for educational projects and cooperation with academia is Jiří Protiva, a member of the ALKP Board of Directors and CEO of LOM PRAHA. "LOM PRAHA brings to ALKP an important link between the state and the Czech aerospace industry in the field of rearmament projects of the Czech army. Linking academia and Czech aerospace companies can strengthen the building of new national competencies," Jiří Protiva commented on the signing of the agreement with CTU.

Martina Tauberová, ALKP strategic projects coordinator, former diplomat and former deputy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, added: "The Association wants to strengthen cooperation with the Czech Technical University in the development of strategic defence technologies, autonomous systems, including the application of artificial intelligence, so that local industry is better prepared to respond to the needs of the modernisation of the Czech Army and can become a strong partner for the state in ensuring its defence and security."

At a time when the Government of the Czech Republic has been adopting strategic decisions regarding the modernisation of the armaments of the Army of the Czech Republic, ALKP represents a significant effort to broadly involve not only Czech industry, but also the results of Czech science and research in the entire process in areas related to highly sophisticated technologies for aerospace. That is why signing of the Cooperation Agreement between CTU Prague and ALKP is logical.


The Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry was established in 1996 as the Aerospace Manufacturers Association. The industry's biggest players, technology innovators and visionaries, end-product manufacturers and component producers have joined forces to build a strong industry community on the ALKP's soil. The heads of Aero Vodochody, VZLÚ, LOM PRAHA, Aircraft Industries, PBS Velká Bíteš and Jihostroj were elected to the ALKP Board of Directors. The president is Josef Kašpar. ALKP is represented by 49 members with more than 10 thousand employees and a total turnover of almost 40 billion CZK. The Association will promote its members' know-how in civil and defence applications, including involvement in major international projects. The flagship project in this respect is the industrial cooperation with the American Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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