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The "Ones and Zeros" faculty podcast of Faculty of Information Technology celebrates its second anniversary in October. The first monothematic episode was published by the faculty on October 10, 2021 at 10.10 am. The aim of the podcast is to answer topical questions about how information technology affects the world around us. The podcast guests are experts from FIT CTU who talk about topics such as AI, cybersecurity, supercomputers, public data, recommender systems and much more. So far, 24 episodes have been released and the total viewership has exceeded 26,900 plays. The podcast has been hosted by well-known science popularizer Sara Polak for the past two years.

In the Covid era, the need to start using new communication channels that can deliver information directly online became apparent. Therefore, FIT CTU quickly responded to the demand for remote information and within a very short period of time prepared a new format through which it brings both the general public and its students interesting and topical topics in the field of IT. Thanks to its consistency, the podcast has a gradually growing viewership, a loyal fan base and has managed to build a reputation as a reliable source of IT information.

The podcast episodes are published monthly every 10th day of the current month at 10 a.m. and its guests are professionals in the field, academics, graduates and researchers from FIT CTU, who provide different perspectives on the latest developments in the field in a popular and educative way. Listeners can access all previous episodes via the FIT CTU website and also through various podcast apps such as Spotify, Google podcasts or Apple podcasts.

"The aim of the podcast is to provide the latest knowledge from FIT CTU experts and also to make their work visible and show their expertise and contribution in the field of information and modern technologies. In the future, we plan to continue to uncover new IT topics and remain a relevant and engaging resource for anyone interested in the world of ones and zeros," says host Sara Polak.

Some of the most played episodes include Why is mathematics important for computer science, How do algorithms recommend content on the Internet? When will drones deliver our shopping, or What are the risks of using the same passwords. But every listener will find their own favourite on the Podcast - FIT ČVUT.

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Ivana Macnarová