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The Czech Technical University in Prague invites you to a lecture by Robert H. Frank from Cornell University. The coauthor of the book Principles of Economics (the other is Dr. B. S. Bernanke, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for 2022) will speak on Monday 16 October 2023 at 2:30 p.m. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (Technická 2, Praha 6). The lecture is entitled Economic Ideas: More Useful than You Think? and will be conducted in English.

Robert H. Frank is the author of Choosing the Right Pond, Passions Within Reason, Microeconomy and Behavior, Principles of Economics (with Ben Bernanke), Luxury Fever, What Price the Moral High Ground?, Falling Behind, The Economic Naturalist, The Darwin Economy, and Success and Luck.

The Winner-Take-All Society, co-authored with Philip Cook, received the Critics Choice Award, was named a Notable Book of the Year by The New York Times, and was included in Business Week's list of the Ten Best Books of 1995.

R. H. Frank is the 2004 co-recipient of the Leontief Award for pushing the boundaries of economic thinking. He was awarded the Russell Distinguished Teaching Award in 2004, 2010, 2012, and 2018, and the Apple Distinguished Teaching Award in 2005.

Robert H. Frank is Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor Emeritus of Management and Professor of Economics at Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.  For more than 10 years monthly, Robert H. Frank has been publishing his column Economic View in the New York Times.

Professor Frank also lectured in the Czech Republic in the early 1990s. Professor Oldřich Starý, Vice-Rector for International Relations, remembers his courses. “His approach to teaching was quite unique to us. During a month-long, very intensive course, we gained knowledge that was absolutely crucial for us at that time and that we continue to build on until today in our professional careers.”

Under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Helena Fialová from the Department of Economics, Management, and Humanities at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the book Principles of Economics was translated. “Thirty years ago, at the time of the first translation of the textbook by Robert H. Frank and B. S. Bernanke, we dealt with many translation issues, e.g., the translation of the term ‘sunk costs’. I might also mention the phrase ‘low-hanging fruit,’ which we have replaced with ‘fruit within reach.’ It is also notable that the teachers from the CTU became translators only because the publishers at that time did not have enough erudite employees who were capable of translating such a difficult text.”

If you are interested in attending the lecture, or interview Prof. Frank, please confirm your attendance at, by 10 October 2023.

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Ing. Libuše Petržílková