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Honeywell and Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining research collaboration in areas that support sustainable aviation, Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) and the development of space technologies. The agreement aims to offer students the opportunity to work in teams at Honeywell's Brno R&D centre, the largest in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Under the agreement, Honeywell and CTU will join forces in research, development and testing in strategic technology areas. They will focus on the use of cutting-edge technologies such as hydrogen combustion and hydrogen fuel cells for aircraft, mechanical systems or artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both organisations will benefit from each other's expertise and infrastructure. CTU students and researchers will gain access to Honeywell's research and development centre in Brno. Its laboratories work on a wide range of technologies including the development of hydrogen fuel cells, actuators and more.

"Close cooperation between universities and companies like Honeywell can help students with practical research as part of their professional development," says Michal Závišek, General Manager of Honeywell Technology Solutions Czech Republic. "Students can get personally involved in projects that range from hydrogen fuel cell development, innovative air mobility, revolutionary flight data recorders to advanced connectivity solutions in aircraft. They will have a lot to learn from by working closely with our team of around 1,000 engineers and scientists."

Experts from Honeywell's research and development centre in Brno will also participate in teaching CTU students in the form of lectures, seminars and workshops. In addition, Honeywell will organize internships and events such as industry training or hackathons for students and graduates of CTU. Honeywell experts will also guide and consult doctoral, bachelor's, diploma and semester theses and dissertations and help students with the selection of research or thesis topics.

"CTU has strengthened its research and teaching competences in aerospace technologies based on the request of the Government of the Czech Republic. CTU has been building an ecosystem for university-industry cooperation in this area. CTU's cooperation with a globally important industrial partner focused on products and services for the aerospace industry will also contribute to supporting the development of aerospace activities in the Czech Republic as an important segment of industry. I believe that cooperation with Honeywell will be beneficial for both parties," said Vojtěch Petráček, Rector of CTU in Prague, after signing the memorandum.

"I welcome the cooperation with Honeywell. Students get the opportunity to participate in teams that develop cutting-edge technologies for the aerospace industry. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has researchers and students usisng their instruments for research, but industry can also make use of them for development. The University presents an academic view of the world, and this can provide industry with a new source of solutions to its problems and numerous inspirations. University students have a youthful enthusiasm and bring new perspectives on life and industry. They are expected and sought-after employees for industrial companies. The academic environment of a technical university and industrial enterprises have much to offer each other. All of this has led to today's conclusion of a memorandum of cooperation between Honeywell and CTU," said Miroslav Španiel, Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU in Prague.

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Kateřina Veselá