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The need to go digital is clear, but how to do it? How can we make the most of the company's existing potential? Visitors to the exhibition Successful Company of the 21st Century, which will be presented at the International Engineering Fair in Brno by National Centre for Industry 4.0 in cooperation with CIIRC research institute of Czech Technical University in Prague - RICAIP Testbed for Industry 4.0 and the companies Siemens, T-Mobile, Česká spořitelna, DEL, SICK and the European Innovation Community EIT Manufacturing, will also find answers to these questions. The unique collaboration across the academic and commercial spheres in the field of digitalization of industry will allow representatives of companies to gain an independent view of themselves and also inspiration on what direction to take next.

The exposition of National Centre for Industry 4.0 and its partners already attracted the attention of trade fair guests last year. This year, on more than two hundred square metres from 10-13 October, it will present solutions for efficient, sustainable and innovative industrial production, which no successful company of the 21st century can do without.

The joint exhibition project is the result of many years of previous successful cooperation and long-term building of a functional ecosystem of the National Centre of Industry 4.0 and the infrastructure of experimental industrial testbeds within the RICAIP centre. This offers Czech manufacturing companies and start-ups assistance in adapting to the current economic conditions in order to increase their competitiveness.

"At MSV 2023, we are not showing technologies, but real solutions as they are implemented in companies according to their specific needs. We can help at every stage of the innovation cycle, from status analysis and opportunity identification to proof of concept or testing before going live. With the help of functional links to Czech and foreign projects and commercial companies, we can also arrange financing or final implementation of the project at the client's site. This will be especially appreciated by small and medium-sized enterprises," says Alena Nováková, Communications Manager of National Centre for Industry 4.0, who coordinates the joint presentation.

This year's trade fair highlight will be a robotic cell demonstrating flexible modular manufacturing, using the example of scale models of electric car batteries in the process of repairing them for reuse. After disassembly and modification, the car batteries can be used elsewhere. This is not only an example of a sustainable solution, but also a project that is being implemented for the Slovak company ZTS Research and Development in cooperation with DEL. During the fair, innovative solutions will be demonstrated in this cell using a range of different technologies. Visitors will see demonstrations of the use of digital twin, virtual and augmented reality, data collection via 5G, data analytics and visualization, machine vision, and of course collaborative robotics. An important part of this is the use of "edge computing" on T-Mobile and Siemens platforms, which allows the combination of fast data collection and demanding computations.

"We don't tell companies how many robots or modern machines they need to buy to be innovative. But the fact is that the use of modern technologies is already inevitable in industry today, because they make processes more efficient, help companies adapt to unpredictable changes and fast production cycles or compensate for the lack of qualified employees," explains Pavel Burget, director of RICAIP Testbed for Industry 4.0, which prepared the technological solutions for the fair in cooperation with partners.  "We create solutions that fully meet the needs of companies. Thanks to our well-developed infrastructure, we can test them before implementation and help companies avoid many problems or inefficient investments," adds Burget.

The robotic cell will be complemented by interconnected special workplaces where workers will be trained in new technologies thanks to SICK and T-Mobile augmented reality technologies, or thanks to the cell's digital twin implemented in collaboration with DEL, we will help plan production and adapt it to changes in augmented reality. This cell, or digital twin, will be operated in a so-called virtual commissioning mode, which, in conjunction with virtual reality, will allow testing different production scenarios without any intervention in real operations, thus preparing for future changes in production, or simply adjusting production to increase capacity.

As part of energy sustainability, we will also monitor energy and compressed air consumption at the stand, use a data platform to visualise this data and suggest savings opportunities.  All this using the fast and secure connection of a private industrial 5G network, which will be installed by T-Mobile on the stand, making it possible to test everything on site. "Many companies and their representatives still believe that 5G technologies are currently still in the development phase and therefore unavailable. Yet it is the deployment of private 5G networks in industry that proves this is no longer the case. They also often cannot imagine what a 5G network can do and what kind of data it can collect and process in real time," says Luboš Lukasík, Director of T-Business at T-Mobile.

Siemens will present a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and products for fast, efficient and sustainable digital transformation. "We will also present the Siemens Xcelerator platform, which facilitates collaboration between companies in the digitalisation of industry through a new generation of products built on uniform open standards. Czech companies and startups can join the partner ecosystem and use the new digital marketplace to reach customers from all over the world," František Podzimek, Head of Business Development at Siemens Digital Industries, describes the exhibition. The Siemens booth will also feature solutions for maintenance including data analytics, harnessing the potential of data from machines and equipment, technologies for 5G data transmission and remote management, or options for retrofits. An interesting feature is a demonstration of the use of industrial technology in modern agriculture - the FRAVEBOT robot, which monitors the health of plants, in this case strawberries.

Thanks to the involvement of Česká spořitelna, trade fair guests will also be able to learn about financing options on site. Representatives of the savings bank will show model examples of financing specific technologies directly at the stand. There will also be a demonstration of financing using currently available grants, especially for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, for example through EIT Manufacturing, EDIH, and other international projects. Representatives of Česká spořitelna plan to provide interested parties with comprehensive advice aimed at strengthening the efficiency and competitiveness of companies.

"Our ambition is not only to support companies in implementing various innovative solutions, but especially to help them strengthen their competitiveness and added value. At the engineering fair, visitors will not only be able to learn about financing options. They will also be able to do a DigiAudit to find out how they are doing with their own digitalization, and they will also be able to try for free how our consultancy services aimed at strengthening their overall financial condition and competitiveness work," emphasizes Pavel Kráčmar, Member of the Board of Directors of Česká spořitelna responsible for corporate banking.

"Connecting companies, universities and research institutions across Europe is the key to a sustainable and prosperous industrial sector. The ecosystem centred around the National Centre for Industry 4.0 and EIT Manufacturing shows the concrete results of an open innovation community and offers the opportunity to engage and benefit from collaboration," says David Kameš, Senior Project Manager, EIT Manufacturing.

Guests can also enjoy their visit by using the robotic tap, which fills the cup to the exact level. We have also invited a number of experts from companies and academia who will look at aspects of digitalization and innovation implementation from different angles as part of the accompanying programme at Digistage.

We look forward to seeing you in Hall F at booth No. 201.

Journalists are cordially invited, feel free to book a guided tour or arrange an expert interview. Contact Alena Nováková,, 725 734 830.

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