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The theme of the second annual Technology in Society conference is heroism and the search for all its forms. What is heroism? And does heroism still have a place in our cloud world? The conference will address ethical hacking, blockchain, heroism in war, the ethics of heroism, cultural anthropology in leadership, the universe, and the role of heroism in creating a false history. The conference is organized by the CCHAOS research group of Faculty of Information Technology (FIT CTU) on June 3, 2023. Admission is free upon registration.

Heroism takes many forms. From grand gestures in the spotlight to actions unappreciated by others. From courageous handling of emergencies within minutes or hours, to seemingly mundane daily efforts to help others that last for decades. From great scientific discoveries affecting the future of all mankind to even the smallest improvement to the day of individuals in our immediate surroundings. The conference program is divided into three sessions. In two of the blocks, speakers will speak in person and there will be space for questions from participants and a short discussion. The third block will take the form of a screening of exclusive pre-recorded international contributions for the event.

The invitation has been accepted and the keynote speaker will be Robin Dunbar, British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist and specialist in primate behaviour. He currently heads the Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, and is also a Visiting Professor at Aalto University. He is best known for his formulation of Dunbar's number expressing "the cognitive limit on the number of individuals with whom an individual can maintain stable relationships". Due to his heavy workload, Robin Dunbar will be speaking at the conference via a specially pre-recorded video in which he will discuss the Role of charisma in leadership.

Participants will be guided through the conferences by archaeologist and social anthropologist Sara Polak, founder of the CCHAOS faculty research group, which has long cooperated with CTU FIT. The group's research primarily focuses on the specifics of human behavior in virtual environments.

"In Western culture, we imagine the hero in a very specific way. As someone who sacrifices himself for the good of society, puts the interests of the whole before his own, donates a lot of money, or at least talks about it a lot. Social networks, our egos, historical precedents, and a complex mosaic of prejudices determine our caricature of the image of heroism. As part of our CCHAOS research group, we enjoy exploring these issues and understanding how society and individuals really work," explains Sara Polak.

The event is intended for academics, students and the general public interested in technology, science and culture. Participation in the conference is free by registering on the website At the end of the conference, the organizers have prepared a short networking session for performers and participants. Participants are invited to the after party at the Fun Arena Prague.

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