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The spring part of the Robotics Competition for younger participants, i.e. from the 2nd grade of primary schools and the corresponding classes of multi-year grammar schools, was held at Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU in Prague on the afternoon of Friday 28 April. Thanks to the high participation of 113 teams, the competition was held in three one-day rounds and three winners emerged: the Gyrotechnici team from the Secondry School Písnická, Prague 4, the Havárie team from Technecia Pardubice and the CRoomba team from the Robotics Centre Plzeň. Altough we don't know the absolute winner, 12 to 16 robots with the best scores will compete one more time - during the superfinal at the Maker Faire Prague festival at the Prague Exhibition Grounds on Sunday 11 June.

The aim of this year's task, called Ping-Pong, was to build and program a lego robot to be able to move and sort as many colored ping-pong balls as possible into predefined storage areas within a time limit of 90 seconds on its own and without any outside help. Two robots each competed on one symmetrically divided game plan, with success measured by the number of points scored. The winner of the day then emerged from the final elimination spider.

Winning teams from Praha 4, Pardubice a Plzeň

The three final rounds of the spring Robocompetition were held on Wednesday 26 April 2023, Thursday 27 April 2023 and Friday 28 February 2023. 113 of the 138 robots entered the competition producing three winning teams:

1. round: team Gyrotechnici composed of Tomáš Bocan, Jan Pospíšil and Lukáš Šebor from Písnická Secondary School at Prague 4.

2. round: team Havárie composed of Martin Půlpytel, Radek Kalousek and Johana Šimon from Technecia Pardubice.

3. round: team CRoomba composed of Daniel Dvořák, Matěj Hruška and Tomáš Markytán from Pilsen Robotics Center


Come see the superfinals in June!

"The Ping-Pong problem was really hard, but it offered many different solutions, which the competing teams appreciated - and the designs of the winning robots were extremely effective in ball collecting," says the main organizer of the competition, Martin Hlinovský from the Department of Control Engineering at FEL CTU.

This year's culmination of the spring Robocompetition will be the superfinals, which is planned for Sunday 11 June 2023 at the Maker Faire Prague festival of makers and innovators at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. From each of the three rounds of the Robocompetition, the top 4 teams with the best scores will advance to the next round, and the other four may receive a wild card. In the superfinals, we can look forward to an exhibition of 12-16 "ping-pong" robots.

To find out which teams will participate in the superfinals, as well as more information about the results of the Spring Robocompetition 2023 visit the website or Facebook.





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