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Seven computer games were developed by student teams as part of the GameJam 2023 programming competition at Faculty of Information Technology of Czech Technical University in Prague (FIT CTU). The teams had only 48 hours to invent a computer game according to four assigned ingredients. You can try out all the games and message the game authors to give feedback on how you like them. The third edition of the competition was organised by the GraFIT CTU research group from 7 to 9 April 2023.

Seven different computer games were created by student teams during the 48-hour GameJam 2023 programming competition, ranging from a combination of a top-down shooter and a cooking game, a 2D puzzle platformer set in a sci-fi world where you play as a wizard, to a game about a brave defender of the dice kingdom. 30 university students split to 7 teams were given 4 ingredients to include in their game: Atypical Use of Dice, Legion, Unexpected Context, and Sense. They then had to use three of these ingredients in their games, and it was up to them whether they used them in content, mechanics, story or otherwise. There was no limit to creativity and the ingredients were even matched together in the final games.

This year's edition introduced novel evaluation. Each of the judges who evaluated the final GameJam 2023 games chose their favourite to award. The final ranking of the GameJam 2023 games was determined by the number of votes on the itch platform. First place and the most votes went to a game called Quantumage, second place went to Magicman, and third place went to Dicey Rollin''.

Developers from Warhorse Studios regularly participate in GameJam. Students can consult with them and check on their game ideas. This year's event was also visited by people from the VisionGame project, whose big goal is to support the games industry and who monitor and support the education sector. They support students in presenting their own creations.

The event also gave students the opportunity to get to know each other and share their experiences. The programme of the event was adapted to this. The students checked GameQuiz full of questions about game design and Czech game subculture, relaxed at the lanparty or the individual teams consulted each other to help each other according to their strengths and weaknesses. Different perspectives and experiences often help to move on, catch a lot of mistakes and last but not least it is an opportunity for teams to get to know each other. They study at different faculties and schools, e.g. FIT CTU, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics UK or Václav Hollar Higher Vocational School and Secondary School of Arts.

The results of the voting and all the free downloadable games can be found on the website

GameJam 2023 is supported by several companies and organizations: Warhorse Studios, ZOTAC, VisionGame, CESNET, hlavní město Praha a IPR Praha

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