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According to the ranking of the best institutions in the field of Computer Science, computer scientists from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of CTU in Prague are among the European leaders in selected fields. In the field of Computer Vision, researchers from CTU FEL and CTU CIIRC rank among the top five European institutions in the evaluation of scientific results in the period 2018 to 2023.

Computer scientists from these two branches of Czech Technical University in Prague also have excellent results in the field of robotics, where they are ranked seventh in Europe. They are also among the top European universities in Economics & Computation, where they are ranked 16th, and in Artificial Intelligence, where they are ranked 42nd.

CSRankings is a ranking of the top computer science institutions worldwide based on the number of publications in the top scientific conferences in the field.

CTU's position in CSRanking 2018-2023 (Europe)

  • Machine vision #5
  • Robotics #7
  • Economics & Computation # 16
  • Artifficial Intelligence # 42

Based on internationally recognized comparisons, FEL CTU and CIIRC CTU have long been the best workplaces in the field of informatics and robotics in the Czech Republic; no other scientific institution from the Czech Republic has reached the top ten in CSRankings.

Prof. Matas is the highest ranked computer scientist from the Czech Republic

According to the international ranking of, which evaluates the success of computer scientists on the basis of their H-index, citations and the number of documents collected by 21 December 2022, the top-ranked Czech computer scientist is prof. Jiří Matas from the department of Cybernetics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL). The success of the Czech Technical University in Prague is underlined by the fact that it has three representatives among the top four Czech scientists - dr. Josef Šivic (CIIRC CTU) is the second and doc. Tomáš Pajdla (CIIRC CTU and FEL CTU) is fourth. Dr. Tomáš Mikolov (CIIRC CTU) and Dr. Torsten Sattler (CIIRC CTU and FEL CTU) are also in the top ten of the Czech ranking. Prof. Ondřej Chum (FEL CTU) and Dr. Josef Urban (CIIRC CTU) are in the second ten in fourteenth and seventeenth place, respectively.

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