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Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in Prague invites you to visit the regular exhibition of semester projects. The exhibition showcases outputs from 68 studios of three study programmes - Architecture and Urbanism, Landscape Architecture and Design. The works are on display until 10 February inside the building of Faculty of Architecture, Thákurova 9 street, Prague 6.

The tasks and topics assigned to students reflect current events, specific social and ecological situation and its challenges. Students work of the Valouch-Stibral studio sets an example as they deal with the logistics park in Hostivice near Prague. "We attempted to redefine the approach to warehouses, which are suffering buildings that occupy the landscape and are also a solid part of our economy. The specific student proposals carry general principles that can be built upon in the future," explains Štěpán Valouch.

The future designers and designers in Karel studio tackled practical, on-body assignments such as a 3D-printed carpal tunnel brace or a "box of last resort" case for migraine sufferers. The collaboration between the Fišer-Nezpěváková studio and Institute of Planning and Development of City of Prague resulted in the design of heavy-duty urban furniture for Prague.

The Salzmann Landscape Studio, in cooperation with the Šindlerová Urban Studio, focused on the surroundings of the Bílina brown coal quarry and looked for the possibility of opening up the adjacent settlements to the future reclaimed landscape. "The Bílina stream was once one of the cleanest rivers in Bohemia, but today it is the dirtiest in our country. The proposed bio-corridors will allow wildlife to pass safely through, connecting parks and residential areas that until now have treated the river as a barrier," says student Vojtěch Michal about his work.

The exhibition of studio projects can be visited until 10 February 2023 daily from 7.00 a.m. to 19.00. Entrance is wheelchair accessible and free of charge. All projects created by students of the faculty are available online, the first editions have their own web gallery.

Photos from the exhibition can be seen here. Visualistions of selected works here. Source, courtesy of: FA ČVUT




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Ing. arch. Kateřina Rottová, Ph.D.