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The National Centre of Industry 4.0 (NCP 4.0) has been approved as the new and first Czech member of the Gaia-X association. Gaia-X represents a new generation of data infrastructure: an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem that makes data and services accessible, sorted and shared in a trustworthy environment. By connecting NCP 4.0 to the ecosystem, Czech companies gain access to Gaia-X services and can thus benefit from all relevant synergies resulting from access to a sovereign cloud environment, e.g. ensuring secure data storage, diversifying the level of dependence on non-European operators or creating an interconnected system of local cloud service operators.

One of the objectives of this partnership is to use the existing Czech ecosystem for Industry 4.0 created around NCP 4.0 and its expertise, and to provide the Czech industry with the possibility of access to solutions based on the principles of the Gaia-X data infrastructure. Data security and its sovereignty are essential for the successful implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) applications, EDGE computing, big data, augmented/virtual reality, digital twin and other Industry 4.0 technologies. NCP 4.0 will become the Czech contact point and will facilitate the possibility of participation in closed Gaia-X membership events, information on the financing of specific technological solutions or participation in expert working groups within Gaia-X.

Commenting on the benefits of membership, Jaroslav Lískovec, Director of NCP 4.0, says: “Through Gaia-X, the Centre’s partners will gain information on the current possibilities of a data infrastructure ecosystem based on values such as openness, transparency, sovereignty and interoperability. This will support new business models or digital transformation, especially for SMEs.

NCP 4.0 coordinated the proposal of the European Digital Innovation Hub for CTU and participates in important European academic-industrial projects such as EIT Manufacturing. The fact that the center became the first Czech representative of the Gaia-X European association is another example of the successful work of the center, which supports Czech industry, its technological transformation and competitiveness.

Dr Vassilia Orfanou, CMO of the Gaia-X Association, stated: "We are very pleased that Gaia-X is showing such unprecedented growth. Since our founding we now have more than 340 members from Europe and beyond. We welcome NCP 4.0 in the team and truly believe that through it other Czech members will soon join the ecosystem, allowing us to expand our team even further."

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