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The year 2022 for the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (MÚVS) will be marked by celebrations – on 9 April it will be 30 years since its founding. Over the past three decades not only has the MÚVS changed, the whole society has also been undergoing development. First of all, the development of science has enabled strong changes in technology, opened new possibilities, but also confronted society with the need to seek solutions to new problems. “Although it is good to stop and think about the past, it is important to look mainly forward. This is well captured by the motto of this year's celebrations: we are changing 30 years of inspiration for the future. That is what the MÚVS ČVUT is and will be about”, says the director of the institute Professor Vladimíra Dvořáková.

During this semester, the Institute prepares a number of larger and smaller events, including professional conferences and international meetings. These mainly target students, but they will be able to participate in many activities together with teachers or scientific and administrative staff.

The Partner Companies Fair will be held on 17 March, presenting companies that offer practical experience to students. On 12 April, a Day with Hyundai event will be held in the building of the institute and in front of it, which will include demonstrations of interesting technologies (such as meetings with the Robot or test drives), as well as other surprises.

The main event of the celebrations will be the Festive Evening. The event will be held in the nearby building of Masaryk Dormitory on 20 April and will certainly bring strong experiences. It will include a performance as well as an award of interesting personalities who have been or are connected with the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies of the Czech Technical University in Prague: scientists and teachers, contemporary athletes who are brilliantly representative of the Institute of International Studies or even the Czech Republic. All of them will undoubtedly contribute to a successful course of the evening. However, the evening will also contribute to a reflection on the direction of science or how it is possible to popularise it. The event will also include interviews with top scientists, including Nobel Prize winners – the invitation was accepted by the presenter of the Hyde Park Civilization programme and the editor of the Czech Television, Daniel Stach. Unfortunately, due to the limited capacity of the hall, not all interested students will be able to attend the evening. The Institute is preparing the opportunity to watch the event online and above all hopes that the students will make up for everything at other events.

Together they can go to support the floorball team, which has successfully represented the IIR in the faculty league for many years, and at the end of the semester a student street party is planned in the spirit of contemporary community meetings. The aim is to create an afternoon and evening with a pleasant atmosphere that will be accompanied by inspiring conversations and nice experiences in the pleasant May weather.

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