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Scientists, students and the leading provider of open-source solutions, Red Hat, collaborate at the new research and development facility of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It was opened on 26 October as part of the Department of computer science.

At the new facility, students will be able to experience environment of a development company and participate on creation of unique computer platforms. Academic researchers can then apply the results of their research in software engineering and easily convert it to practice with help of the leading global provider of open source technology based solutions, Red Hat company.

By opening of the new joint lab, the department and Red Hat deepen the long-term successful cooperation, under which they recently applied for a grant from the Epsilon program of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Prof. Michal Pěchouček, head of the Department of computer science,  comments on creation of a the new facility: "It is vitally important for the department to follow global trends in software development. Cooperation with the leaders in this field helps us to apply our research results in practice and get immediate feedback", adding " I look forward to cooperate with Red Hat, because the projects on which we work can help students and young scientists share knowledge and practical experience." Tomáš Čermý, coordinator of the laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, complemetns the words of prof. Pěchouček: "Our faculty has long focused on the education of top software engineers in the region. Support of Red Hat, knowledge and practical experience sharing gives students all the prerequisites to become top professionals in the design and development of complex software solutions and middleware. Thus we gain access to a large community of open-source projects and know-how and also establish a solid partnership with a market leader, allowing us to profile as a center of excellence of software engineering."

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