2021/03/04 - 9:12am
On March, 3rd, 2021 enter into force changes in Rector’s order No. 21/2020 On reducing the risk of coronavirus infection.
2021/03/01 - 1:54pm
Until 15 March, students of universities of technology can enter the TEKNOFEST international competition of the Turkish research agency.
2021/02/27 - 9:11am
The Information for Science and Research e-learning course for PhD students of all faculties by the Central Library will open from 4 March.
2021/02/23 - 11:41am
In an interview with Lupou.cz, Monika Dobiášová from InQbay explains how the CTU University Incubator works.
2021/02/22 - 2:46pm
The new CTU building, home of FA and FIT, was opened 10 years ago. The EARCH reported on the building and design of prof. Alena Šrámková.
2021/02/16 - 1:05pm
From 1.3. to 30.6., Prague's Starbucks cafés offer discount for CTU employees, students and graduates. CTU card is required.
2021/02/11 - 8:50am
The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering has announced a new university-wide course, Data Integration in Healthcare.
2021/02/10 - 8:39am
The Writefull tool designed to check texts in English is provided by the CTU Central Library.  
2021/02/10 - 8:38am
The CTU Central Library now provides access to Bookport, Statist, ASTM and the journal Science resources.