2018/01/22 - 5:31pm
Prof. Peter Staněk will be lecturing on 25 and 26 January, at the Czech Institute of Computer Science, Robotics and Cybernetics  
2018/01/22 - 8:01am
The Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies organizes its Open Door Day on 26 January  
2018/01/19 - 11:50am
The open doors day of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering will be held on 25 January  
2018/01/18 - 2:59pm
During the 28th Meeting with Music the Smetana Trio will perform in Zenger's auditorium at the FEE on Charles Square on 12 February  
2018/01/17 - 1:49pm
CTU Service Facilities Administration is looking for a receptionist at Masarykova dormitory. Details are available in this ad.  
2017/12/22 - 5:56pm
Registrations for March 2018 ATHENS courses are open. Deadline for applications is 23-24 January depending on faculties and institutes