2017/02/21 - 8:21am
You can register to the Smart Mobility Hackathon Prague 2017 until 28 February
2017/02/21 - 8:19am
On 18 February, prof. Václav Hlaváč was interviewed as guest on the Czech Radio´s Evropa Plus show about European robotic legislation  
2017/02/20 - 5:58pm
Works, created during the period from 1.1. 2016 to 31.3. 2017, can be submitted by students for the  ČDS & T transport competition
2017/02/20 - 6:37am
Another annuall Installfest  will be held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering on Charles Square from 4 to 5 March
2017/02/17 - 9:40am
The electronic version of Pražská technika issue 1/2017 can be downloaded here. The issue´s topic is the Faculty of Civil Engineering.
2017/02/17 - 8:36am
Art Gate Masterclass with Shannon Harvey will take place at the Intermedia Institute on 1 to 3 March 
2017/02/17 - 8:05am
International conference on the launch of DA-SPACE will be held in the Balling hall at NTK on 17 March    
2017/02/14 - 3:19pm
Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies offers language courses for PhD students and CTU employees, free of charge.
2017/02/14 - 8:44am
Exhibition, focusing on the first professors of CTU and founders of NTK, is part of the 310th anniversary of CTU until 5 May at NTK  
2017/02/14 - 8:36am
The Forbes magazine published an article about the Akcee startup which originated at the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU
2017/02/11 - 6:45pm
As part of the series about 51 CESAER technical institutions, with CTU among them as well, the TU Delft project was introduced
2017/02/07 - 10:47am
Ing. Jiří Boháček was appointed as the new Director of Service Facilities Administration of CTU on 6 February, 2017 
2017/02/02 - 7:16am
A show, gradually introducing 51 institutions of the Conference of European schools CESAER, including CTU, launches on 2 February
2017/01/31 - 8:25am
Dana Drábová, graduate of the Faculty of Nuclear Sci.and Physical Eng., appeared in the GEN - Gallery of the nation's elite by Czech TV
2017/01/25 - 3:09pm
Application to the 7th annual Neuron Impuls 2017 competition can be submitted until 31 March
2017/01/21 - 7:30pm
The International Student Club offers meeting international students at CTU under its Buddy Program