2018/10/14 - 9:18am
The 37th Prague Information Seminary will be held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Charles Square on 25 October
2018/10/13 - 9:48am
The seminary ‘Light in buildings, light effect on organism, light in technology’ will be held at CTU - CIIRC building on 31 October  
2018/10/05 - 9:47am
The Dejvice Campus offers job placement as event coordinator  
2018/09/26 - 1:56pm
The cyber security course will take place on 24 October at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
2018/09/17 - 7:53am
You can apply for subsidies from the Fulbright Core program and the Fulbright-Masaryk program by 1 November
2018/09/15 - 7:54am
To register your ISIC in the on-line PIDLítačka system, you must have it extended to the new academic year
2018/08/16 - 11:20am
The Czech Radiocommunications organizes contest for programmers in which competitors can use data from sensors located at the UCEEB