2017/03/29 - 7:20pm
On 7.4., Fac. of Nucl. Sci. and Phys. Eng. will let 60 high school students become particle physicists for a day  
2017/03/29 - 7:08pm
Talks about the success of drones from FEE at the races in Abu Dhabi will be held on 4 April at 12:45 in Building E at Charles Square.
2017/03/27 - 8:42am
The Fulbright Commission offers chance to obtain scholarships for postgradual studies and research in the USA
2017/03/27 - 7:49am
Breakfast with the Chairman of the Industrial Heritage Office will be held on 5 April from 9:00. Registration in advance is required.
2017/03/24 - 9:34am
CTU Artistic Association invites you to Stabat Mater concert. It will be held in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Prague 9 April at 15.00
2017/03/24 - 9:14am
As part of the series about the CESAER european technical institutions, with CTU among them as well, Politecnico di Torino was introduced
2017/03/17 - 8:04pm
On 3 April, the 25th Meeting With Music concert series will be held in Zenger auditorium of FEE on Charles Square
2017/03/17 - 8:02pm
The annual UnIT programming contest takes place already for the 3rd time at the Faculty of Information Technology on 11 April
2017/03/17 - 7:58pm
As part of the series about the CESAER european technical institutions, with CTU among them as well, the RWTH Aachen was introduced
2017/03/15 - 1:38pm
MIAS offers teachers the opportunity to study in the Specialization in Education study program. Applications may be submitted by 31 March
2017/03/15 - 11:35am
The Czech Radio interviewed Dr. Lubomir Sklenka of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering about the VR-1 nuclear reactor
2017/03/15 - 9:09am
Here, you can apply to summer sports courses for students, organized by the Institute of Physical Education and Sport
2017/03/09 - 12:39pm
Suburban sports camp for children of age 8 to 14 is organized by the CTU Institute of Physical Education and Sports in July 2017
2017/03/09 - 9:08am
You can apply to Architecture and Urban Design and Landscape Architecture courses until 30 April within the extraordinary admission process
2017/03/07 - 10:24am
The Czech radio show, Leonardo, informed about assessment of state of the bell Zigmund by experts from FNSFI  
2017/03/07 - 10:08am
Doc. Lenka Lhotská from CIIRC and Faculty of Biomedical Engineering was guest in the Czech radio News  
2017/03/02 - 3:41pm
The Atelier D: Pod parou summer school, is organized by Faculty of Civil Engineering  together with Omnium Z.S. and Monuments Chamber CZ
2017/03/02 - 3:35pm
The ELSA center offers consultations of applications to study at CTU to prospective students with a handicap
2017/03/01 - 8:45am
Until the end of March 2017, Faculty of Architecture accepts applications to study in the doctoral program 
2017/02/20 - 5:58pm
Works, created during the period from 1.1. 2016 to 31.3. 2017, can be submitted by students for the  ČDS & T transport competition
2017/02/14 - 8:44am
Exhibition, focusing on the first professors of CTU and founders of NTK, is part of the 310th anniversary of CTU until 5 May at NTK  
2017/01/25 - 3:09pm
Application to the 7th annual Neuron Impuls 2017 competition can be submitted until 31 March