2017/11/13 - 9:50am
On 10. November, Dr. Heralt of the FNSPE commented on the deployment of the reactor at Dukovany power plant  aired on Prima TV
2017/11/13 - 8:34am
Concert of the CTU Art Association for the ELEKTRA group takes place at the Martinů Hall of the Liechtenstein Palace on 28.11. at 19:00
2017/11/08 - 4:43pm
Doc. Pavel Hrubeš was elected the new Dean of the Faculty of Transportation Technology. He will lead the faculty from 1 February 2018
2017/11/02 - 6:36pm
 The CTU Central Library offers trial access to MSI Eureka, the database on anorganic materials  
2017/11/01 - 11:14am
Faculty of Civil Engineering will offer three-day internships for students of secondary schools from 8 November until 8 December
2017/10/27 - 2:48pm
You can apply for The Best CTU Sportsman contest until 20 November
2017/10/26 - 11:00am
Faculty of Civil Engineering organizes the annual photo-contest "Through your eyes". Contestants can submitted pictures until 30 November
2017/10/26 - 10:37am
Doc. Vojtěch Petráček from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering is the new elected Rector of CTU  
2017/10/18 - 1:49pm
The Academic Senate elected prof. Jiří Máca for new Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, to be appointed by Rector on 1.2.2018  
2017/10/13 - 7:27am
As part of the November Talks cycle, Jacob van Rijs, Kees Christiaansen, Rainer Mahlamäki and Farshid Moussavi will lecture at the FA