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Vote for the faculty podcast, Ones and Zeros, in the Podcast of the Year competition and win valuable prizes. Both overall winners and category winners will be announced.

You can only vote until 6 June 2024.

You can vote for up to five podcasts, with a minimum of one. You can choose from all Czech podcasts that have released at least one episode between 1 May 2023 and 1 May 2024. As a voter you can win valuable prizes. The winner is the one whose votes were received as 333rd, 3,111th, 23,000th or 45,000th.

Vote for the faculty podcast, Ones and Zeros, and thus support our FIT experts who answer questions from the world of ones and zeros in a once-a-month podcast. The podcast is hosted by well-known science popularizer  Sara Polak. Sara is a native archaeologist and evolutionary anthropologist who popularizes and demystifies artificial intelligence for the general public. The theme song for the podcast was created by music producer and faculty alumnus Jakub Baierl, performing under the stage name Bariel.