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Interested in artificial intelligence in the online space? How does it work, its uses, opportunities and threats? Do you want to try out how to effectively use AI tools for your work or online branding and how to hack a chatbot? Will generative AI flood the internet with misinformation? How can we defend ourselves? Sign up for the summer school at FIT CTU - With artificial intelligence in the online space.

WHEN: 22. 7. – 26. 7. 2024 (8:30 – 17:00)
WHERE: Thákurova 9, Praha 6
RESERVATIONS: applications from 19. 2. to 15. 3. 2024

The summer school at FIT CTU - With Artificial Intelligence in the Online Space is designed for high school students who are interested in modern technologies and want to learn more and effectively use artificial intelligence tools. Interested students do not need to have any initial IT knowledge.

What you will learn and experience

  • Why social networks offer us each different content and what it can mean for you and society as a whole.
  • What are the scenarios for the transformation of political marketing and propaganda due to generative AI.
  • What they are and how they create positive and negative deepfakes (and cheapfakes).
  • You will learn different approaches to hack AI systems and through this you will understand what to watch out for.
  • You will create an AI assistant that automatically detects misinformation.
  • You'll try out different apps to help you work or build your online brand.

Practical information

  • FOR WHOM: High schoolers aged 15—20
  • WHEN: 22.—26. 7. 2024 (Monday to Friday, 8.30—17.00)
  • WHERE: Faculty of Information Technology, CTU in Prague, Thákurova 9, 160 00 Praha 6
  • PRICE: 4750 Kč, includes program, snacks and insurance. It does not include lunch or accommodation (If you live in Prague 6, you can get a contribution to the school through
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: from 12. 2. to 15. 3. 2024
  • COURSE CAPACITY: 24 - 28 attandees, divided in to 2 teams
  • Binding applications and payment instructions will be sent to you as soon as the minimum capacity of the school is reached, no later than 31 March 2024.
  • MEAL OFFER: Each day of the course participants will be allowed to have lunch together near the faculty in the Technická menza cafeteria (menu). The price for the main meal is approximately 120-150 CZK (student price only for university students). The meal is not announced in advance.


Each day will be divided into a morning and afternoon session.

In the morning, you will explore and test different tools using artificial intelligence. You will try your hand at generating text, images, sounds, videos and explore how AI creations can trick us. You will explore how AI can influence us, how to counteract this influence or how to use it to your advantage. Each day, the lecturers will open up one specific topic, introduce a new gadget, technology or way of thinking.

In the afternoon, you will work on team projects that connect AI with the world of (dis)information. The goal will be to develop a gadget, chatbot or other AI tool that will contribute to the cultivation of the information environment on the Internet. It could be a chatbot that helps to identify misinformation, an environment and tutorial on how to try to create a deepfake, an online course that introduces a specific way of working with AI... There is no limit to imagination.

You will work on projects using the Design Sprint method - each day you will complete one of its five project phases: understanding the goal, designing a solution, making a decision, prototype, testing. At the end, you should have a working prototype of the solution to the problem we have defined. We'll share our projects with each other in teams and give feedback on them, then on the last day we'll present where we've come.

8.30—09.00 Arrival
9.00—09.15 Morning discussion
9.15-10.00 Lectures/workshops/projects
10.00-10.15 Snack
10.15-12.00 Lectures/workshops/projects
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-16.00 Lectures/workshops/projects
16.00-16.30 Reflection, presentations
16.30-17.00 Refreshments, departure