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The Fifteenth Gaudeamus Prague 2023 European Fair of Post-secondary and Lifelong Learning will be held from January 24th to 26th, 2023 in Hall No. 4 at the PVA Expo Prague Exhibition Centre. The Czech Technical University in Prague, whose rector Dr. Vojtěch Petráček is one of those who has taken the fair under his auspices, can be found at stand no. 54.

Among the CTU exhibits, visitors will find representatives of all eight faculties of the university (the faculties of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear science and physical engineering, architecture, transportation sciences, biomedical engineering and information technology) and also the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies. Of course, some of the exhibits that CTU has traditionally prepared for Gaudeamus will be on show again.

CTU's favourite mascot is the robot Ludvík. He measures 140 cm and is uniquely built from LEGO bricks. 30,000 pieces were used to produce him. He weighs 32 kilograms and was created at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Ludvík will tour the CTU exhibits and will use programmed sentences to invite passers-by to visit them.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will present rockets that can be freely assembled and disassembled, and a virtual model of a nuclear reactor - the Cenelín student project. In addition to Ludvík, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering will also attract attention to the Van de Graaff generator and to the self-driving racing car. You can see a motorcycle belonging to the CTU Lions student racing team from the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, a water management model of a part of the slalom race track from  the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, which was designed by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and a hands-on model of the exceptional building that houses the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. Another exhibit will show the basic monitoring and nursing care of a high-tech infant simulator from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering. If you smile nicely into the camera, the artificial intelligence of the candy maker from the Faculty of Information Technology will give you a sweet reward. And the CTU Rectorate will again delight high school students with the sought-after opportunity to have  motifs associated with the university tattooed on their face. 

Presentations made by the exhibiting universities are the most important part of the accompanying program of the fair. They will take place every day in the lecture hall in Hall 4.  Questions from anyone interested in studies at CTU - from high school students themselves and from their secondary school teachers - will be answered by representatives of the CTU faculties and institutes in the exhibition spaces, which cover an area of 140 square meters. In addition, presentations by individual faculties will be prepared. Teachers' questions will be answered during the CTU presentation by Vice-Rector Radek Holý, Ph.D.

The fifteenth year of the fair will again host the Competition for the Best Exhibit, in which CTU won the silver award at the previous fair in Brno.

In mid-January 2023, the organizers of the fair published the results of the study type test, which came out as follows: 30% humanities type, 21% artistic type, 21% economics type, 20% science type - and only 8% technical type. Nevertheless, almost 19,000 students study at CTU in Prague, which has long been ranked as the best technical university in the Czech Republic. The success rate of CTU graduates in the labour market is 99%. The fact that CTU has something to offer for high school students in the future will be on show at the Prague Gaudeamus on January 24th, 25th and 26th.

The fair will be open to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 24th and 25th, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on Thursday, January 26th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.