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Night of the Scientists, an event that brings to life hundreds of scientific buildings in one evening that are inaccessible to the average mortal. Visitors "sail" through laboratories, lecture rooms, exploding experiments and go in-depth on current topics. Children, adults, seniors, anyone passionate about science is welcome. Meet our scientists - and they'll teach you to love science.

"All the Senses" is the motto of this year's event. So come and explore CTU in Prague with all your senses! We are waiting for you in Prague in Dejvice near "the Kulaťák", in Břehová and Horská streets, and also at the workplaces of Jaderka and Dopravka in Děčín. There are lots of interesting workshops, lectures and competitions prepared for you.

Right at the Rector's building you can play a battle game across Prague universities. The CTU has been assigned the beautiful sense of smell - so you will be able to test whether you can correctly match the characteristic smell to the individual faculties.

You can choose from our varied programme here: