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Dear colleagues, dear students, Today is a year since the COVID epidemic claimed its first victim in the Czech Republic. Over the past year, almost 25,000 people have succumbed to the epidemic, a memory of which we will commemorate today with a minute's silence at 12 noon. Please also join this silent memory.

CTU passed the pandemic test well, not only in helping others, but also in protecting our employees and students. It is thanks to all of you, your responsibility and your effort to protect yourself! I believe that a system based on people's responsibility is the right one, and I am trying to promote it in a broader context, unfortunately without much success, even though our example supports it. 

Fortunately, according to the analyzes I am carrying out, the epidemic is coming to an end. More than 85% of us have already encountered the virus - and most without more serious symptoms. For maximum safety, we have launched a self-testing system for you, for which there are 15,000 saliva tests available and distributed to you. A test sampling center in the Student House was also launched today, which can be used by those of you who do not have self-tests, or it is otherwise advantageous for them. 

Last week, out of 1,350 self-tests, none were positive, and it is clear that our university is well protected! 

However, vaccination is the basis for a definitive solution to the pandemic. I am working intensively so that we can be vaccinated as soon as possible and the CTU operation has returned to normal. As soon as possible, we will carry out a quick vaccination campaign outside the state vaccination system in cooperation with other universities. At the same time, however, we must and want to proceed in such a way so as to protect the most endangered groups of the population. Please be patient and protect yourself until this matter is resolved. 

Hard times are coming to an end! Thank you all for your commitment

doc. Vojtěch Petráček, CTU rector