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The +/- FEE student club invited students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University to model a 3D design of a little lion by 7 March, 2021. The small figures printed on a 3D printer will then be released as trekking objects in geo-caches in order to gain experience in all regions of the Czech Republic. It will be possible to follow their movement on the map or to actively participate in geocaching and thus help the lion cubs in their journey and fulfill their goals.

The student association will soon reveal on its website why exactly the lions venture out into the world and what they want to learn. As the organizers of the whole event state, until then it is important to prepare the figures for the trip. "Students should not postpone modeling in one of the tools for creating 3D models, as the first seven designs will be printed and placed in caches straight away. It is possible to print on our 3D printer. The next five proposals will come from voting, "adds student Tomáš Pivoňka from the +/- FEE club, who understands the  added value of the project is that students will be able to try out 3D modelling and maybe get to 3D printing this way if they have not yet had a chance to to try. 


Ing. Pavel Píša, Ph.D. thought about how to raise students' spirit during the spring distance learning while teaching the subject of Computer architecture.  The first idea was to put hints and help on the subject in the geocaches. However, the +/- FEE club was able to carry out several events even in limited conditions, and during a joint meeting between a teacher from the Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and students, the idea with lion cubs came up. "We wanted to offer students some activity that they can do even in a limited state. And finding caches in nature is part of it. Of course, it is possible to organize online activities, but there are a lot of them currently available, and even without them, students spend a lot of time in front of the computer. So it's kind of a way to get students outside and moving.


The project is timed so that it is not affected by government measures regarding a possible restriction of population movement. If the measures last longer, the lion figures will be released to the regions later or an adjustment of the rules of wandering will be considered. 

Specifications for the 3D design and instructions for submitting are available via the link Send a lion cub to an adventure! - Student club +/- FEE ( 


Phot: Michal Lenc

Contact person: Radovan Suk