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For the first time in its history, the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University is organizing the HackFIT hackathon focused on virtual reality, drones, artificial intelligence, robotics and open data. At this 24-hour hackathon, teams of high school and university students get behind the scenes of the faculty research and explore how to link science and business. Their reward will be 50.000 CZK and valuable prizes from prominent sponsors of the event. The event takes place in the FIT building.

HackFIT is a great opportunity for three to five-member teams of high school and university students to take advantage of faculty technology, absorb mentors' know-how and win in one of three categories: Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Robotics, Open Data and Software Applications. Challenges such as developing an application for the Pepper robot, developing an application for a drone or a lie detector using a thermal imager, are prepared for the participants.


However, teams can also come up with their own ideas that match the hackathon's focus and category. HackFIT is also intended for those who are not familiar with the topic. They can join any team on site, create their own team, or come up with a task on their own based on expert workshops with mentors. After 24 hours of intensive hacking, which will take place overnight, the teams present their project to practitioners. In addition to invaluable cooperation with experienced industry experts, they will also be motivated by the main financial rewards and prizes for individual categories from event sponsors.


Let's name the main sponsor, ŠKODA AUTO as, which contributed CZK 50,000 to HackFIT CZK, then Prozeta company, which presents the DJI RoboMaster robot to the category winner. Prize provided by SAB Aerospace is also attractive - an exclusive excursion to the facilities where space rockets or satellites are constructed.


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Contact person: Lukáš Brchl