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The importance and significance of visions in architecture and urbanism will be the main theme of the ‘November Talks 2018 - Visions’ lecture series, which will be attended by architects from Slovenia, Spain and France, during the four November Mondays at the Faculty of Architecture. The fourth year of the lecture cycle, supported by the Sto-Foundation, is dedicated to four major European architects of three different generations, which combines visionary and interdisciplinary approaches to creation. The lectures will be held from 5 to 26 November at 18.30 in the lecture hall at Thákurova 9, Prague 6 - Dejvice. The lectures will be in English and are intended for students and the public. Entrance is free of charge.

‘November Talks 2018 - Visions’ is part of a lecture series organized in Europe for the 13th year by the Sto Foundation. In November, it takes place not only in Prague, but also in architecture schools in Stuttgart, Graz, Milan, Paris and London.

The Mies van der Rohe Award 2009 winner, french Architect Marc Barani, will open the lecture cycle on 5 November at the Faculty of Architecture. He received the prize for his project of the Nice City Tram Terminal. The project, at the beginning of which was a poorly chosen building site, has been literally restarted by Barani, an architect and an anthropologist by education. He persuaded the city representatives to change the project assignment, he found a more suitable place, recognized its potential and designed a solution that upgraded the technical infrastructure project to a remedial action for a previously handicapped part of the city. The new terminal, including a maintenance facility, offices, parking lot, and a park, emerged at a place where no one expected anything - between a motorway and a 70’s housing estate. With careful shaping, he connected the project to acomplicated road network, took advantage of the view of the sea, and added the missing public space and services to the neighboring housing estate. For his timeless architectural work, characterized by precise design details and a crossover to urbanism and landscape architecture, Marc Barani was awarded the Gold Medal of the French Academy of Architecture in June this year. Its bearers include Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel and Shigeru Ban.
The vision and realization of the successful Slovenian office of Bevk Perovic Arhitekti will be presented by architect Vasa J. Perovic, who is currently working on several Prague projects and is visiting professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University where he leads an architectural studio. Bevk Perovic Architects has achieved worldwide reputation, is the winner of the European Prize for Contemporary Architecture for Beginning Architects (2009), Kunstpreis Berlin (2006), is a multiple holder of the Slovenian Plečnik Prize for Architecture and is a model of Czech architectural offices that have not yet achieved worldwide renown.
More than 40 years of architectural and creative experience, the prominent Argentine-Catalan architect and painter Mario Core, a leading medical care buildings expert, is one of the most demanding architectural disciplines. His studio, Mario Corea Arquitectura, based in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, shows how every project, regardless of scale, from large or huge public buildings, such as hospitals and sports stadiums, to smaller projects running on a local level must be based on the feel for the place, add on to it aesthetically, and contribute to the identity of the city as a whole.
November's visions will be concluded on 26 November by young French architect Grégoire Zündel, whose studio AZC also has giant design objects in the portfolio besides residential, civil and road constructions. Their project of a fantastic jump-over bridge over river Seine is beyond the boundaries of architecture, urbanism and design, and reflects the philosophy of its creators who believe that "the best way to predict the future is to create it" (Peter Drucker quote).

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