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Based on CTU´s management decision, students will be obliged to attend university in school uniforms from the academic year 2016/17. They are made of durable and crease-resistant material and will be equipped with the latest technologies. The university plans to supply uniforms with other accessories such as watches and smart glasses.

Following the worldwide popularity of school uniforms, the management decided to introduce student uniforms to all faculties and departments of the CTU. Several faculties participate on their design. Design of the dress originated from the Faculty of Architecture, while Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering had supplied the technological know-how for the equipment, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering participated in the implementation of sensors for detecting vital functions of students and other accessories are provided by the Faculty of Information Technology with its 3D printing center. The first prototype samples were tested by students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Transportation Technology in the Dejvice laboratories.

New school uniforms will provide students with information about their sleep capacity, vitamin levels and amount of cholesterol in their blood, or blood pressure. Uniforms are to be made of special fibers which use conductive threads responsive to touch and thus can be also used as a touchpad. Uniforms will also feature solar elements providing charge for devices via USB. Authors of the garment also payed attention to students safety as GPS navigation will be provided in addition to reflective elements. The nevigation will be connected with CTU buildings and when the student arrives at his dormitory, his clothes will alert him should it require washing.

Contact Person: Andrea Vondráková