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Feature-length documentary Budiž voda! captured the creation of the Czech invention S.A.W.E.R., which can extract water from the air even in the driest places on the planet. It was exhibited at the EXPO in Dubai. 

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The basis of the S.A.W.E.R. is an adsorption unit housed in a specially designed container. Vladimír Zmrhal, Tomáš Matuška and Bořivoj Šourek decided to test S.A.W.E.R. ahead of time in the UAE, in one of the driest places on the planet. On a farm in the middle of the desert, where the influential General Saif Mubarak Fadel Al Mazrouei has several hundred camels. 

"If everything goes well, if the camels get a drink, the general, by the way the president of the Bin Fadel Group from Abu Dhabi, will buy the S.A.W.E.R. system from the Czech Republic, and he probably won't be alone," explained the film's producer Miloslav Šmídmajer. 

"The whole development process, trial and error, was mainly a fight for time, fought by the scientists, while Jiří Potužník fought with the suppliers who were to build the pavilion itself. When he was forced to change the construction company and ran into deadline slips, it was a thrilling story, at the end of which we wish for a happy ending in the form of an invention that almost the whole world will need. And even some interested parties are already signing up and dreaming of how S.A.W.E.R can help, for example, in replenishing water to the Dead Sea," the creators described. 

In the film, we see S.A.W.E.R. (Solar-Air-Water-Earth-Resource) being built, tested in the lab, and finally in the desert. The Czech invention can extract up to 200 litres of water a day from the arid air. 

"Jiří František Potužník, the commissioner of the Czech participation in the EXPO, came up with the idea for the Czech pavilion project to make the desert more fertile, since the world exhibition is being held on the Arabian Peninsula. Engineers Zmrhal, Matuška and Šourek, under the roof of the UCEEB (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings), invented a so-called adsorption unit that can produce water from desert air even at extremely low humidity without burning thousands of megawatts and consuming thousands of litres of diesel. It can get by with sunlight alone. So it makes water from nothing," explained Šmídmajer. 

The film will be released in Czech cinemas on 11 November. 

The Czech pavilion in Dubai presented a unique novelty. Photo: Cinemart 


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