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Nearly 200 countries are exhibiting at the Expo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Sixty of them, including the Czech Republic, have built their own pavilions, often designed by prominent international architects. The main motto of this year's six-month show, which began on 1 October, is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Take a look at them in our gallery.

Each country is showcasing new developments in industry, technology and culture to visitors in its pavilion. The theme of the Czech pavilion is Czech Spring and focuses on sustainability.

Its centrepiece presents a new Czech technology, S.A.W.E.R., developed by scientists from the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Czech Technical University, which can extract water vapour from the air and thus create fertile soil in desert conditions. The pavilion also presents a large-scale installation that shows the long history of glassmaking in the country. The pavilion also houses a restaurant serving Czech cuisine and Czech beer.

The futuristic exhibition centre is located in an area that was a desert just a few months ago. Now there's a new metro station and visitors are watched by robots who scold those who forget to put on their masks.

A replica of Space X's Falcon 9 rocket can be seen in the American pavilion which was paid for by the United Arab Emirates when the US had funding problems. A copy of a Koran that belonged to President Thomas Jefferson is also on display, which according to AP agency shows how much freedom of religion permeates American society.

In its lantern-shaped pavilion, China unveils a multifunctional car that may one day also function as a submarine or helicopter, according to Chinese automaker SAIC Motor.

Italy's pavilion is covered in "ropes" made from two million plastic bottles and the main attraction is a 3D replica of Michelangelo's David. As nudity is banned in public places in the UAE and David is naked, visitors can view the statue either from the above floor at eye level of the 5.2 metre high statue or at David´s feet.

The UAE is represented at the exhibition by a falcon-shaped pavilion, inviting the visitor into a setting of dunes piled high with orange sand and to view footage depicting the country's 50-year history.

The Expo is an international exhibition of culture and industry that has been held every five years since 1851. This year's edition is an exception, having been postponed by a year due to coronavirus measures around the world. Currently, the official organiser is the International Exhibition Bureau which selects the organiser of the exhibition from the applicants.

See how the Czech S.A.W.E.R. technology presented at the Expo in Dubai works:

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