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Czech Spring wants to scent the world with spring, to show a better, sustainable future. And we want to describe the heart and core of the pavilion - the technological marvel S.A.W.E.R., which can independently create an oasis in the desert and produce water from the air using only solar energy.
On the pavilion's 2,200 m2 of floor space and 140 pages of the Czech magazine, the Czech Republic presents several exceptional patents, dozens of Czech universities and hundreds of companies. Incredible technologies are complemented by magnificent art objects, all in the name of the future.
Discover why the Czech Republic is considered a superpower in the nano-industry, spa industry, water management or glassmaking. Why it is an industrial and technological country.
Discover the breath-taking modern design of Czech artists and take a peek into 170 years of world exhibitions.
This edition is a concentrated showcase of all that the Czechs can do, what they are able to achieve and excel at in the world...

Expo Dubai -, Martin Macourek