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The director of the state enterprise LOM PRAHA, Jiří Protiva, and the rector of Czech Technical University in Prague, Vojtěch Petráček, signed two important documents confirming the forthcoming cooperation between the two institutions: The Cooperation Agreement and the Contract for the Provision of Consulting Services at the IDET international defence and security technology fair on Thursday, 25 May 2023

The first document, which will ensure mutual cooperation between CTU and LOM PRAHA in the future in developing knowledge and skills in the education and training of top professionals, targets the following areas: raising the level of higher education in the form of lectures and consultations, as well as mutual cooperation on research tasks of individual departments, cooperation in the implementation of lifelong learning programs at CTU, the holding of professional internships for students at LOM PRAHA, as well as mutual media and marketing activities.

The purpose of the second agreement is to establish the terms and conditions for the provision of consultancy services by LOM PRAHA to CTU, which will relate mainly to the area of aviation legislation."The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and the Cooperation Agreement between CTU and LOM Praha, s.p. here in Brno today are the logical outcome of our long-term and successful cooperation. We will continue what has already been successfully developed - linking science and research with industrial cooperation. LOM Praha, s.p. represents a reliable and strategic partner for CTU in the future," said Vojtěch Petráček, Rector of CTU in Prague.

A positive assessment of this important initiative of the industrial company and the technical university was also heard from the director of the state enterprise LOM PRAHA Jiří Protiva: "I see the positive aspect in the further effective connection between the industrial and academic spheres. It is obvious that the state enterprise LOM PRAHA as an industrial company establishes contacts especially with prestigious technical universities, which undoubtedly includes the CTU in Prague. The cooperation consists not only in the development of research and development, but also in technical and consultancy support in areas where we can be a partner and support for the CTU."