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As part of protective measures associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the dates of the admission procedure are changed to individual faculties and parts of the Czech Technical University.

In connection with the coronavirus crisis, the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) remits the entrance examination in mathematics for all applicants for bachelor's degree programs carried out at the Faculty. Applicants do not have to apply for a waiver of the entrance exam in mathematics. All applicants to study the programs Civil Engineering, Building design, Geodesy and Cartography and Civil Engineering in English that meet the conditions for admission will be accepted. If you are interested in the Architecture and Civil Engineering program, the prerequisites for the study will be examined by an entrance examination in architecture, and all those who obtain a set number of points will be accepted. The conditions for admission apply the same to 1st and 2nd round of admission procedure. Applications for the second round can be submitted from 1 June to 31 July 2020.

The entrance exam in architecture will take place without the personal participation of the applicant, based on the evaluation of electronically submitted artworks.

To help with the preparation of their artworks for the admission procedure in architecture, applicants can use the faculty drawing courses, which take place online this year. The courses will run from May 25 and during June as the consultations require. Registration is also possible during the course, i.e. in May and June, so that we can make the course ideally available to all interested parties. Prospective applicants must send their works no later than 30 June.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FS) allows you to submit an electronic application by 14 August, 2020. The application will close automatically after its full completion and posting of the admission fee. Applicants from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic who will pass the school-leaving examination in 2020 must deliver an officially certified copy of the school-leaving certificate in person or by post to the Studies Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering immediately after the school-leaving examination, no later than the enrollment date. For candidates who have successfully completed or will complete their secondary school studies with a high school diploma, the Dean forgives the written entrance examination in mathematics. Applicants who have not completed any high school diploma in mathematics or physics at a school accredited in the Czech Republic will be required to enroll in the compensatory subject Repetitorium středoškolské matematiky in the first semester of study. Detailed information here.

At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), the date of the admission procedure is shifted to 29 June, 2020. Applications can also be submitted for the 2nd round of the admission procedure until 23 August, 2020.

This year, the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) will excuse from the entrance examination all those interested in bachelor's studies. Applications for studies at the FNSPE can be submitted online until 7 September, 2020. The faculty is also preparing a live broadcast entitled ‘K jádru věci’, where it presents its most interesting workplaces - it is also possible to watch the already broadcasted recordings on Facebook.

The Faculty of Architecture (FA) has announced an extraordinary admission procedure for bachelor's study programs. Those interested in studying architecture can submit applications for the bachelor's study programs Architecture and Urbanism and Landscape Architecture in the period from 15 June to 20 July 2020. The procedure will take place in two rounds in the period from 31 August to 14 September 2020. The basic condition for admission is the achievement of upper secondary, upper secondary vocational education or higher vocational education. Further details on the conditions of admission and the course of the admission procedure can be found on the faculty website in the Applicants section.

The Faculty of Transportation Technology (FTT) has remitted entrance examinations for the following bachelor's fields / specializations: Logistics and Transport Process Management, Air Transport, Transport Systems and Technology, Intelligent Transport Systems. For the bachelor's fields of Professional Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Technology, the entrance exams remain in full scope. A similar relief is applied for master's study fields of FTT. Detailed information can be found here.

If the number of applications received does not exceed the announced capacity of applicants to the relevant study program / field and the given form of study by a certain percentage, the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (FBME) will exceptionally remit the entrance examination for these applicants due to the coronavirus crisis. In case the number of received applications exceeded the announced capacity of accepted applicants, students will take the entrance exam. Entrance exams for bachelor's degree programs will take place in the first half of July.

The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) did not change the level of difficulty of the entrance examination, but simplified some administrative steps. This applies to the admission procedure for bachelor's and master's studies. The first date of the entrance exam will be postponed to 29 June, when the school leaving exams should be completed. For those who will not be able to attend the first term, the next date will be 31 August. The first date of the entrance exams in June will be in online form and  provided for the faculty by the SCIO company.

The Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies(MIAS) has set the dates of the entrance examinations for bachelor's studies set to 29 June and for master's studies at 30 June, with an alternative date on 7 July (or 6 July). Students will receive more detailed information about the dates 15 days before the entrance exams.


Contact person: Lenka Kubešová Zápotocká