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On the roof of the Buštěhrad laboratories of the CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings, a solar chimney runs in full operation. This device uses the accumulated heat from solar radiation for natural ventilation of buildings. Thanks to this, it is possible to ventilate for a longer period without the need for electricity.

The Research Department of the Quality of the Indoor Environment of the Czech Technical University UCEEB made a functional sample of a solar chimney, which differs from similar types of equipment by three glazed cavities. In them, the sun-heated air prevents turbulent flow and thus increases the efficiency of natural ventilation, which works even during power outages. The aim of the experimental operation is to quantify the benefit for the ventilation of the building in the conditions of the Czech Republic and to make a comparison with conventional shaft ventilation. Data collection and ongoing evaluation are currently underway.


The solar chimney is 4.5 m high. It has an approximately square floor plan with dimensions: 0.9 x 0.75 m. The glazed part is glazed with thermal insulating double glazing. The cavity is black painted inside and divided by two glass partitions. The rear wall and side walls are insulated with 120 mm thick thermal insulation. At the top, the chimney is finished with two weather banners. This type is structurally and dimensionally designed to allow use for individual apartments of an apartment building. It can be placed on the roof or on the facade of the building.