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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) of the Czech Technical University in Prague in cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO organises the Technology Literacy and Technology Olympiad. As part of this project, lecturers will introduce secondary school students to topics such as electromobility, artificial intelligence, cyber security, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). In the first year, the organisers expect to participate 125 secondary schools across the country, mainly industrial schools and grammar schools.

Motivating young people to further studies in technical fields is the main goal of the Technological Literacy project, which aims to reach in its first year 7,500 students in 125 secondary schools. The best ones will then be able to measure their knowledge at the beginning of next year during the Technology Olympiad at the FEL CTU in Prague, during which the top 25 teams will make it to the final competition. The school round is expected to involve around 1,500 students. The series of lectures and the subsequent national competition for Czech secondary school students will be held under the auspices of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. ŠKODA AUTO is the general partner.

The main benefit of the Technological Literacy and Technology Olympiad projects is to provide free lectures with professional background to secondary schools, which also attract the attention of secondary school students in a fun and engaging way. The Technology Literacy Project aims to spread technical awareness and show that technology has a wide range of future applications. At the same time, it will try to show students that modern technology is no longer about programming and mathematics, but also about social sciences with an overlap into ethics. The lectures consist of two classes and are designed to be delivered online if necessary. Secondary schools interested in participating should register via the web form on the website

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU is the only one in the Czech Republic to develop cutting-edge research on all major technological trends that will affect the way we work, travel, spend our leisure time and live in the future. From space technologies or telecommunication networks, to alternative energy sources and artificial intelligence, to robotics or cyber security - all these future phenomena can be not only scientifically researched but also studied at the CTU Faculty of Electrical engineering. FEL CTU welcomes the Technology Olympiad and the Technological Literacy Project and believes that it can attract a new generation of secondary school students to study science and technology thanks to its attractive form.

ŠKODA AUTO, as the general partner, provided technical development experts to help create a basic presentation on cutting-edge innovations in the automotive industry. The carmaker will also contribute financially to the implementation of the entire project, which is aimed primarily at industrial schools or grammar schools (gymnasium), where interest in further higher education in the technical field can be expected. The main topics covered by the lecturers are electromobility, artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), 5G and cyber security. Specialists in these areas are in great demand on the job market and successful graduates can count on a fast-track career in this dynamic field.

ŠKODA AUTO places the promotion of technical education among the priorities of its social responsibility, at all levels: from pre-school and primary school through secondary and vocational education to university. Each year, the company also provides components and entire un-assembled cars for study and research purposes at educational institutions. In 2020 alone, the company provided 410 teaching aids for these purposes, including 65 cars and 145 engines or gearboxes to help teachers and students in vocational subjects.

Contact person: Radovan Suk