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The EuroTech summer school “From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities (SB2SC)” is open to Master and PhD students of CTU in Prague, who can register until 5 May 2021. The event will take place from 5 to 9 July 2021. Thematically, the teaching will focus on the area From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities.

Buildings are responsible for a large part of the energy consumption. The Summer School “From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities (SB2SC)” proposes to address the following interdisciplinary and systemic questions:

What is a smart building and in which are the challenges in climate change context?

What are the social and regulation stakes in smart buildings?

How can smart buildings contribute to energy flexibility and sufficiency?

In which way can self-consumption (with photovoltaics and with or without storage capacity) supply services to a building

Which role can IoT (Internet-of-Things) objects play in smart buildings?

In which sense can data collected in a building be used?

What perspectives for buildings in interaction with their neighbourhood and city?

These questions will be approached in divers way, from keynote seminars, hands-on projects, visit to real-life installations, group debates, parallel online sessions, exchange with industrial actors, mini-projects in groups and even games and other activities

The event is organised by Energy4Climate Center of Institut Polytechnique de Paris.   

 Participation in the event is free, advance registration is required.

Further information are avaible here.  

Contact person: Pavel Ripka