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Already for the twenty-first time, Siemens Czech Republic is going to award talented students, scientists and educators from technical and scientific disciplines. Hundreds of thousands of crowns will be awarded to the best. Works and projects can be submitted until 25 November.

Candidates will compete in seven categories - students and science teams can enroll themselves in categories for the best result in basic research and for the best diploma or dissertation work. It is the diploma and dissertation categories that have long been among the most popular ones - and not only among students. Together with the author of the winning work, his supervisor will also be awarded. In addition. Siemens significantly increases the rewards in these categories  and will distribute a total of 400 thousand crowns among the winners.

The scientific teams can also obtain interesting reward - winners of the most important result in basic research will take 300 thousand crowns. The best pedagogical trainee will be also awarded in the competition - the aim here is to highlight the long-term contribution of high-quality teachers in the development of Czech education.

Within the Werner von Siemens Prize, the Czech Siemens also has three special awards to highlight current social issues. To promote diversity in science and increase women's interest in science and research, the best female scientific work is awared. Award in overcoming the barriers in learning is designed to motivate the underprivileged students. For the first time, a special award will be given to the best graduate thesis in the Industry 4.0 concept, through which Siemens aims to draw attention to the current needs of Czech companies in the field of science. Additionally, 10,000 Czech crowns will be awared for the recommendation of a possible future winner. More information can be found on the competition´s web.

Contact person: Lucie Rumlová